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UK Diving Services Ltd Discover Undermining To Masonry Arch Bridge Structure

UK Diving Services Ltd recently undertook a series of underwater bridge surveys for a local Scottish council and found significant scour and undercut to one of the bridge piers. All data was recorded in accordance with the Roads & Bridges Manual BD63/17 and BD 97/12 and a scope for remedial works im…

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Work Boats And Pontoons For Repair Works At Paper Mill Works

UKDS have provided work boats and pontoons for urgent repair and maintenance works at Prudhoe Paper Mill. The recently refurbished sludge/pulp tank required water baffles to be adjusted to allow a more even flow over the circular perimeter of the tank. UKDS provided trained commercial divers and boa…

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UK Diving Services Provide Underwater Inspection Services On The Menai Suspension Bridge -The Menai Strait

UKDS have recently been contracted by ATKINS engineering to provide underwater services on the Menai Bridge. The project included checking all submerged elements of the masonry stone piers checking for scour, structural damage or/and undermining to the structure. The region has very high tides makin…

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Underwater 3D Blueview Sonar And Terrestrial Laser Scan On Behalf Of Kier Construction

UK Diving Services Ltd have provided a complete under and above water model of Thrapston Nine Arches Bridge to determine if any structural damage or underwater scour is present. Our diving team and underwater surveyors scanned the structure over a period of 5 days. Deliverable's were laser and sonar…

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UKDS Secure Diving Survey On Behalf Of SWECO

UK Diving Services Ltd have secured a diving survey of Lobnitz Dock on the tidal Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland. Our underwater surveyors are to provide detailed information on the dock walls and adjacent seabed. The wall inspection will include a 2D sonar sweep to identify targets showing areas of conc…

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UK Diving Services Ltd Provide 3D Underwater Sonar Acoustic Point Cloud Survey

UK Diving Services Ltd are working with Kier WSP on behalf of Northamtonshire Highways providing diving services supported by hi resolution three dimensional sonar surveys on a nine arch masonry stone bridge. The 3D mapping data in .xyz format for point cloud will show undermining and scour holes w…

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UKDS Dive Service Provide Underwater Pier Jetty And River Sea Wall Inspection

UKDS dive services recently provided underwater surveys of an extensive pier and jetty structure. The surveys included the inspection of culverts along the river and sea walls within the tidal estuary,. Working with strong tides and limited tidal windows UKDS diving service compiled a detailed under…

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Principle Bridge Inspections & Remedial Scour Repairs 

UK Diving Services Ltd have recently completed 4no x underwater principle inspections for Kier WSP on behalf of Northamtonshire Highways. The surveys from our dive service identified scouring and undermining to some of the upstream elements of the structure. Repairs included placing of underwater sc…

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Confined Space Outfall Survey Beneath Hampton Court Palace

UKDS have recently undertaken a confined space entry beneath Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. The purpose of the survey was to determine the condition of the brick tudor structure and its lay. The structure was an old sewage outfall from and since demolished toilet block within the palace likely cons…

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UKDS Diving Surveyors Provide Dive Surveys After Bridge Remedial Works

UK Diving Services have successfully provided dive surveys to numerous bridge structures across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Scotland. The surveys were to assess the condition of recent remedial works undertaken at each structure. Written reports were provided including detailed digital photography and …

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 Bridge Underwater Sonar And Diving Surveys - Transport Scotland

UK Diving Services Ltd recently undertook diving and sonar surveys on numerous underwater structures in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, Scotland. The purpose of the inspection was to determine the extent of any scour if present. Due to the visual limitations in water using conventional video an…

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Underwater Survey And Sonar 

For the third consecutive year UK Diving Services have provided underwater services on various Bridge assets throughout Scotland on behalf of Transport Scotland.  UKDS provided a full underwater scour and condition surveys of many of the bridge structures and concluded that urgent repairs were requi…

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Propeller And Rudder Inspection Of Damaged Vessel After Running Aground

UK Diving Services Ltd attended an emergency call out to a damaged ship. The vessel ran aground whilst entering Great Yarmouth causing the starboard  prop to stall. On inspection from our underwater dive team in was concluded that the starboard rudder assembly was bent forward directly into the prop…

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Underwater Survey Of Power Station Reservoir Tower Hydro Intake Screens

UK Diving Services Ltd have undertaken a full underwater sonar and diving inspection of the intake screens on behalf of Zenith for Scottish Power. The intake screens  and forebay were at 12m depth and clear of debris. NDT inspection of the steel work was carried out. 2D sonar provides helpful underw…

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UK Diving Services Ltd - Sewage Outfall Inspection

UK Diving Services recently assisted PGL Travel with an inspection of a blocked sewage outfall which discharges into the river Tay in central Scotland. Our diving team provided a digital video survey of the submerged elements of the sewage pipe including the open discharge end and trash screen.

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Internal Inspection Of Concrete Sewage Effluent Pipe At STW Treatment Plant

UK Diving Services Ltd have undertaken an internal inspection of of a decommissioned concrete sewage effluent pipe. the purpose of the survey was to understand the condition within the pipe to determine if the structure is structurally sound to support plant crossing the adjacent access road. The pi…

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UK Diving Services Provide Thames Safety Boat Services In London

UKDS are currently contracted by the Greenhatch Group to assist with surveying Southmere Lake in London. The project is part of a larger scheme which includes the demolition of a large residential estate with a view to build next generation housing.

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UKDS Contracted To Atkins On Behalf Of Severn Trent Water

UK Diving Services recently completed a variety of principle bridge inspections on behalf of ATKINS engineering. The works included underwater inspection and sonar surveys of two large multiple arch bridges spanning the Ladybower reservoir. The structures were built during the second world war prio…

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UKDS Closely Monitor Aberdeen Bridges

UK Diving Services re-visit Persley Bridge And  Bridge Of Dee in Aberdeen to undertake point cloud 3D sonar and topographic surveys of the structures. The data was compared to previous surveys of the the structures to determine the extent of any scour or undercut to the bridge. Additionally dive sur…

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UKDS Provide River Wall Inspection In Sunderland

UK Diving Services have been contracted on behalf of CAPITA to provide a river wall condition survey to determine suitability prior to the construction of a new road to link to the new River Wear crossing. The new road bridge will be a two span cable stayed bridge with an A-frame pylon rising to 105…

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